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Welcome to Copasetic, a crew site.

Yes this is me proving I'm still alive. Though I haven't been around to adopt from people much I have still somehow managed to accumulate mass amounts of petz that need showing off. So here's the place that's going to happen in. Dont be too surprised if this is the last update I do, because I've been kinda busy with my real life. You know how it is. But I'll be back soon, hopefully for good. Though its not like anyone's written me. lol. But I suppose I didn't write anyone ELSE either. So yeah. Below are all... ok almost all... of my petz. I'll add more and so on. But I'm working on it which is about all you can get outta me. You KNOW me. >.> So look around and come back... sometime. Dont ask me why it's just something you're supposed to say isn't it? TTFN, tiggers.