Okies, here is the page you ALL love... the ADOPTIONS!!! yay. So all of these are for P5, but I can gurantee I'll be getting P4 veeeery soon, so the rest of you can adopt from me ^^ Now onto the RULES;
;No claiming these are your own creations. Give ME the credit, okies?
;Keep Kim's or Vig as the show prefix, or just add it to yours ;D
;To show you read this, put "cheese" somewhere on your app.
;I don't care if you MPA these after a while, but dont adopt just to trade off,
;DO NOT PUT ON AAC! I hate that, mmmkay?
;1 hexie per week.
;Size of apps are usually specified below the pic, but if not, they are freebies ;D


Yep. Brown calis w/ houla spots and... a bunch of other ones you can hardly see. lol. But they ARE there, let me tell you. I just felt like hexing something... brown. I had a couple of these on AAC a couple weeks ago, and people seemed to like them, so I thought why not give them a chance to get one, hey? Small apps required, but a few sentences will do. Have fun <33
For an adult pic, go here